Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, Mothers Day was just wonderful. We got to talk to Dani for 40 minutes, which was not enough. Everyone got a few minutes to say a few words, and then they had to give the phone unwilling to another. Sharing minutes was hard! Danielle loves this time of her life, she wouldn't want to be ANYWHERE in the world but where she is at. She said that the mission is so much greater than she could image. She can still be herself and laugh and just be normal. She loves the sisters she works with and they all have great get up and go attitudes. I have a feeling that if she is ever partnered with a less than 100% worker, well, lets just say hold on, this whirlwind that we call DANIELLe will happen, if you know what I mean. Wasting good time is not in her vocabulary. We finally were able to scan, (learn how to) so we could update her pictures. Check them all out, we added many. Hope to keep this updated better with our new computer system.
Danielle just loves this family. The 17 year old girl was baptised and this is the person that Grandma Nielson sent scriptures to. Her mother wanted to get baptised at the same time, but was unable to, however, she now has a date set for her own baptism in June. Amazing, Amazing Family! Love Them!
Old Town Williamburg. What a nice time to be alive, don't you think. Hopefully we will not return to this kind of penal system. It looks a little to confining and WOW, hope nobody forgets your there!

The Easter Bunny didn't Forget!

Every year we have easter baskets, so why shouldn't the easter bunny find her in Virginia. No, we really don't believe in a large bunny hiding things, but we do love the fun of easter time. We sent her this really cool and fuzzy basket filled with all sorts of goodies for her to share and remember the day. Thank you Hallmark for making such great things!


So much of the mission is about caring and loving all the people that you come in contact with. This is an amazing investigator. Don't we love those who are willing to listen to Heavenly Fathers Plan for our own happiness? There are so many people who have been prepared in Williamsburg that Danielle feels it is a privilege to serve there. The Lord has sent many ward members and friends to help the missionary effort in this part of the United States!


Sister missionaries that Danielle is serving with in the Richmond Virginia Mission.

Glorious Times

This is a picture of a recent convert, just before or after her baptism. These are the moments that make every hard time worthwhile. To be a part of someone coming into the gospel is what its all about. Three awesome sister missionaries, don't you think?